In the Light – John’s First Epistle

In a hostile world where the church of Jesus Christ faced danger from those outside who would seek to destroy her and those inside who were seeking to undermine her a persecuted Apostle writes a passionate letter to call on the church to know with surety the power that was at work within them.  In this letter he testifies that the ministry of Jesus Christ was so powerful and all satisfying that it calls those who put their trust in Him out of darkness and into light; light that would invade and enliven every part of their lives!

The church today faces similar challenges to the church of the first century.  Criticism and pressure from a hostile world around us and turmoil and unfaithfulness from within our own ranks.  More than ever we need the message of this letter, we need to encounter the power of the gospel and we need to step out into the light.

Starting February 1st we will pour through the pages of this letter in the hope that God will give us a stunning glimpse of just how wonderful our faith is and an ever expanding vision of the One who stands right at the centre of our faith – Jesus Christ.