At Rosalie we have a growing group of school-leavers, university students and young workers who meet regularly to study the Bible, ask and answer life’s ultimate questions and encourage one another to embrace this life for all that God intended it to be.  We are actively seeking ways that we can serve our local community and share the love and grace we have found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are especially passionate about meeting the scores of young people in the Rosalie/Paddington area who we believe desperately need to engage the truth of Jesus and the abundant life He has to offer.

Despite our youth we acknowledge that some of us are called to walk difficult journeys of loss, disappointment and suffering.  Knowing this we long for our group to be a place where we can express our genuine fears, trials and failures in order that we might find help in our time of need.  If this is you we trust you will be among friends and supporters here at Rosalie Baptist.

We love meeting new people and so we are keen to get to know you!  You are more than welcome to come along to church, join us at our weekly bible study or catch up with one of us for a coffee. or just leave us a message here.