We here at Rosalie Church believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

We understand that this is a bold claim that cannot be believed lightly. So we get it if you might have some trouble believing that a dead guy came back to life and appeared to a bunch of his followers. But when thinking through issues surrounding God surely we have to expect that there will be some things that are tricky to wrap our heads around. If there is a God who is transcendent to our humanity, we have to leave room for some mystery.

Having said that, historically, there is actually some pretty strong evidence for the resurrection. Science might not be able to observe or reproduce a resurrection to prove that it is plausible, but looking at the historical happenings around the time the claim of the resurrection of Jesus was first made can provide a level of evidence that is helpful.
Check out this great article below from adam4d.com that walks us through some of this evidence.

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