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Wisdom for Work


In Australian culture we make a habit of grumbling about our jobs; it is fashionable to bag out our boss, whine about how busy we are, and to do anything we can to get out of work. We are the nation of sickies, long weekends and the dream of early retirement.  But at the same […]

Our best for the pagans


Living in the western world it isn’t hard to see that society is slipping away from Christian ideals.  This creates confusion for many in the church as we seek to know how to engage with this post-Christian world.  Looking at the way Mordecai and Esther conduct themselves as we meet them in chapter 2 helps […]

Christ coloured relationships


Paul has been passionately proclaiming the supremacy of Christ and the amazing magnitude of the salvation we have received from Him.  When chapter 3 began we saw Paul proclaim that this salvation meant that our identity has been completely enveloped by this supreme Jesus… that God sees us as He sees His Son.  This has […]