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Wisdom of the Elderly


Why is the thought of being old such a terrifying idea for us?  Somewhere along the way our culture has decided that being old is bad.  However, when you look at the scriptures, the elderly are almost universally revered and esteemed. Pastor Joe examines why our culture is terrified by old age and how the […]

Wisdom for the flourishing of Women


Our society places incredibly high expectations on women. Women are expected to be smart, successful, beautiful, homely, motherly, fit, and emotionally strong.  The pressure on women to perform on all these levels is huge. So in the church, when we come to a passage like Proverbs 31, it is easy for our community to view […]

Wisdom for Sex


There is no doubt we live in a sexualised world. If anything the message of this sexualised world is that sex is your right, sex is there to be experimented and explored without any real boundaries.  This world also seems to think that Christianity’s sexual ethic is oppressive and restrictive.  Against this backdrop the Proverbs […]

Wisdom for Work


In Australian culture we make a habit of grumbling about our jobs; it is fashionable to bag out our boss, whine about how busy we are, and to do anything we can to get out of work. We are the nation of sickies, long weekends and the dream of early retirement.  But at the same […]

A Conversation About Sin


Last week we began our series on Wisdom Literature by unpacking the joys of wisdom.  This week we take a look at the flipside of wisdom: foolishness, wickedness or sin.  Because sin tends to be a negative thought in society, it is something that we don’t like to talk about.  But for those who want […]

On Being Wise


Our series on Wisdom Literature is called “Every Good Path” but if you asked our generation for wisdom they might say, “Every path is good.”  It might seem like this relativism sets people free and makes life easier because there are now so many options when it comes to what is right. But instead all […]