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The God who Revealed Himself


The final recorded words of people before they die give us an insight into their beliefs, their worldview, their reflection on life and their future hope. The book of 2 Peter contains the last recorded words of the Apostle before he died. And in his final speech, Peter lays down the foundation on how to […]

Jesus is Everything


While we don’t know too many concrete details about the author or the audience of the book of but what we do know helps us greatly in understanding the true meaning of this book. Basically the deal is that persecution has caused many Jewish Christians to be tempted into forsaking their new Christian faith and […]

Scripture – the God who wants to be known


Most religions describe the concept of god as some distant, unknowable, mysterious being who exists in a place far removed from our existence who can only be known by those dedicated enough to find him. The Christian conception of God is of a being far bigger and far more outside of our existence than any […]

Future Perfection


Last week we saw that while we often fail to reach our resolutions due to our own weakness and failures, there is hope in the gospel.  Because the gospel provides full and perfect forgiveness.  But what if our failures were not due to our weaknesses or sins… what if our failures were due to the […]

Dean Sandham: the future of the church


We are often challenged by the mission that God has sent us out on; the need to make disciples of all nations.  We are likewise inspired by what we see happening in the church right now; conversions, testimonies and solid growth.  But when we go through a season of dryness, and these sources of inspiration are […]