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Great Forces of Evil


In Revelation 17 we see the two main thrusts of evil in the world and they are not like anything we might have imagined.  Join Pastor Joe as he uncovers the nature of this evil and how Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb, can empower our wrestle against it.

The Church in Waiting


The disciples of Jesus had ridden a roller-coaster ride of emotions over the last few weeks.  Their hopes had seemingly been crushed with the death of Jesus and then suddenly birthed back into life through His resurrection. Now they had spent 40 days hanging with this resurrected Jesus. Everything inside them would have been wanting […]

The Futility of Idols


Feeling weak, isolated and oppressed, the nation of Judah turned her eyes to the powerful nations around her and began to entertain the idea that maybe their gods and customs were more powerful than Yahweh.  So God calls Jeremiah to outline for the people the peril of chasing after these idols and as he lays […]

Two Ways to Love


Whether it is love songs, love stories or the classic Disney Princess movies we are very familiar with what the world thinks of love.  Unfortunately love in the world rarely works out the way that the songs and movies seem to suggest that it will.  When John speaks of love he speaks of something far […]

Power for Change


Every year we get past Christmas and suddenly our attention turns to the New Year and everything that we hope it will bring for us.  Just about all of us view the 1st of January as a new start… an opportunity to make good.  Whether we call them “New Year’s resolutions” or not we all […]

I’ve got the power


With Brisbane being consumed by the G20 summit over the past week Pastor Joe takes a look at the concept of power, greatness and authority and how Jesus intends us to think about it in our lives.