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The Gospel Goes Out


The church in Antioch was seriously passionate about spreading the good news of Jesus. So they send Paul & Barnabas out into the Gentile lands to share the message of the gospel. But as the gospel goes out into the world we will see that there are highs and lows in this mission. In this […]

The Gospel Does the Impossible


In chapters 7 and 8 Luke beautifully weaves the story of Saul of Tarsus in with the story of the church to show how these two rapidly rising forces were set on an inevitable course for collision. IN chapter 9 we see them collide in stunning fashion as the risen Christ confronts His greatest enemy […]

The Gospel Won’t be Muzzled


As the church continues to grow the disciples of Jesus continue¬†their daily custom of heading the the temple to pray. It is here that they meet a man born lame and God does an amazing act of supernatural power. This draws a crowd who hear the gospel and many respond. It also draws the attention […]