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Memento Mori


In most of our life we don’t tend to think about death.  But every now and then we get a chilling reminder that death is not an abstract concept for us humans… it is a very real reality and our very certain destiny.  Now while a sermon of death doesn’t seem that edifying, the fact Ecclesiastes […]

The swinging pendulum


While the book of Ecclesiastes is unlikely to be the most popular book in the bible, it does contain some passages that are incredibly well-known.  None more so that the poem at the beginning of chapter 3. Immortalised in a song made famous by the Byrds, Solomon’s poem paints a beautiful picture of the seasons […]

Reckless Devotion


Being sensible is highly valued in our culture and it also seems to be valued in the scriptures in terms of practical wisdom, sober-mindedness and self-control.  But we all know of followers of Jesus who have made decisions that our world considers reckless like missionaries heading to persecuted countries to preach an illegal gospel.  So […]

Easter Sunday: No Condemnation


This life constantly casts burdens upon our shoulders… the burdens of trying to get everything in our life right… to measure up to the demands of those around us.  But in the story of the empty tomb there is a stunning truth that offers us hope and freedom.  On Resurrection Sunday Pastor Joe reveals the […]

Graduating to Faith


All throughout our Galatians series so far Paul has been championing the reality that we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ.  IN other words that the basis for our right standing with God is not our capacity to measure up to the Law of Moses but rather Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  But if […]