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The Gospel Won’t Be Stopped


The passion, power & and generosity of the church was winning the favour of so many people in Jerusalem that it was growing exponentially. It seemed as though everybody was captivated by this new movement. Well everybody it seems except the High Priest and the leaders of Israel. Instead of being captivated by the new […]

Ultimate Treasure


The parables of “The Hidden Treasure” and “The Pearl of Great Price” remind us not  only that Jesus is a great treasure worth our giving up everything for, but also of the good news that he first sought and purchased us at great cost to himself. The dire warning of “The Parable of the Net”, […]

They never told you God gives ultimate joy


So many people view the Christian life like they do weight-loss… as a slow and grueling journey of restriction and discomfort based on the premise that if something feels pleasurable or joyful that it probably is sinful and should be avoided.  But this morning we are going to hear a song that David wrote which […]

God of the Outsiders


In each social circle in which we move we can very quickly determine who are the in-crowd and who are the not-so-in-crowd.  The reality is that some people find themselves on the outside fringes of society never really fitting in with the cultural elites of their day.  Maybe you feel like this?  Well if you […]

Christmas sets us Free


Back at the start of chapter 1 of Luke and that start of our journey to understand the impact of the Christmas story on the lives of people at the time we met an old forgotten priest named Zechariah.  He was depressed and isolated but God grabbed a hold of his life and promised him […]

Why We Sing


Week by week we come to church and we stand and sing.  It is something we assume will be part of our church experience and therefore it is something we often take for granted.  How regularly do you think about why we sing in church?  Pastor Joe begins this new series and seeks to answer […]