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Hope for Israel


We come to the end of Jacob’s life.  He is an old man, on his death bed, and all his sons gather around him.  In this moment Jacob will prophetically bless each of his sons and as he does he pushes our minds forward to the nation that will be formed from his family.  As […]

Brain-snap of Faithlessness


We have followed Israel on their journey from Mt Sinai to the Promised Land.  This week we find them right on the verge of their greatest victory, taking possession of the land, only to pike at the last minute.  As we look at the deeper reasons behind their faithlessness we will find some attitudes we […]

The Spirit of Grumbling


No one is really the eternal optimist.  Every one of us feels the need to have a bit of a whinge at some point.  But as the Hebrews were about to find out there is a way in which our grumbling and complaining can be a great offence to  God.  No matter how small our […]

Remembering Redemption


Many Christians think of the book of Numbers and think of counting; boring lists of names and numbers and consider it has very little to offer them.  But while a census of the people is a key feature in the book it is probably unfairly named… it should be called “wandering” or “journey” because the […]