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Waiting for a Provider


The people of Israel in Malachi’s day were pretty fickle people. All too easily they chopped and changed between a desire to worship Yahweh and doing whatever they wanted to do. But as we come to today’s passage we see that their fickleness was actually offending God… in fact God describes it as thievery. Join […]

Jesus Christ – at one with God


We all feel the brokenness of the world and our lives which results from sin. We try to solve this problem ourselves through religious effort, humanitarian efforts, scientific advancement, and chasing the “good life”. The Bible tell us that these efforts ultimately won’t work. But God has provided salvation for us in his Son, Jesus […]

The Trustworthy God


When we see violence in the Bible, especially violence orchestrated by God, it is easy to pull back a bit from God and doubt whether or not He is the kind of God that we want to trust. Well as we reach the crescendo of the narrative of Jeremiah, the destruction of Jerusalem, we see […]

Preaching the gospel to yourself


As we wrap up our series in Galatians and look at Paul’s passionate final plea to the churches we see once again the stunning freedom of the gospel.  Gospel faith is not about trying to get close to God be keeping the requirements of the Law, but about trusting in the death and resurrection of […]

No Condemnation


We broke from our Galatians series to serve in our local community during our normal church time.  Instead we had an evening service where Pastor Joe looked at the encounter between Jesus and a woman caught in adultery.  One of our worst fears is to have all of our worst moments, greatest mistakes and darkest […]

Christmas Changes Everything


It is easy for us in the church to lament the over commercialization of Christmas!  When we see all the glossy junk mail, shiny marketing and materialism we can feel as though the real meaning of Christmas has been missed.  However, I wonder how much better our understanding of Christmas actually is… aside from “celebrating […]