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Unparalleled Glory


We all long to be showered in some kind of glory. We don’t want to be thought of as average (or below average) so we do everything we can to capture even just a glimmer of glory. This morning we look at a moment in which Jesus prayed that He might be glorified. But as […]

Small God Syndrome


It is great that Psalm 23 and 24 are paired together in Israel’s song book because they add a much needed balance to our image of God.  Where 23 gave us the image of an intimate, caring, protecting and guiding shepherd God, Psalm 24 gives us an altogether different picture.  Pastor Joe traces the events surrounding the […]

Motivated by Perfection


The call to follow Jesus is a beautiful call… we are welcomed freely into an intimate relationship with God.  But while it is free… it is still costly!  Following Jesus can cause us to walk through times of difficulty, persecution and struggle.  It is easy for us to see this cost and lose our motivation […]

God of the Outsiders


In each social circle in which we move we can very quickly determine who are the in-crowd and who are the not-so-in-crowd.  The reality is that some people find themselves on the outside fringes of society never really fitting in with the cultural elites of their day.  Maybe you feel like this?  Well if you […]