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Great Forces of Evil


In Revelation 17 we see the two main thrusts of evil in the world and they are not like anything we might have imagined.  Join Pastor Joe as he uncovers the nature of this evil and how Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb, can empower our wrestle against it.

Judgment Uncovered


Living in a peaceful and happy society it is easy to feel like we humans have got things pretty well sorted.  However, what we see in front of us is only a super thin slice of the broader story of human history.  There is a long history of rebellion and destruction that follows us everywhere.  […]

The Fall – rebelling against God’s order


The concept of sin is something that can make us feel uncomfortable. Many people think that the Bible’s declarations about sin are just there to perpetuate the oppressive rule of the church… others see the brokenness that sin brings into the world and struggle with how the God of the Bible could allow it to […]

The End of Evil


In our society we have a tendency to downplay the concept of evil. We like to think that there really aren’t such categories as black and white, or good and evil; preferring to smooth everything out to grey. That is until something happens that we cannot mistake for anything but evil. The story of the Bible […]

Know the enemy


As we continue in the story we come to chapter 3 with 5 years having passed since Esther became queen.  It is here that the story teller chooses to pick up the action again because the enemy of the people of God has been promoted to prominence.  This morning we meet Haman and we hear of […]