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Speaking Peace


As we come to the end of the story of Esther it is vital that we take the time to investigate what the author of this story really wanted us to see.  There is no denying that the story contains the central reality of God’s power to work behind the scenes to save His people […]

Living Gospel Irony


As the story of Esther has progressed the gap between the characters of Esther and Haman has widened as we have seen Haman’s character deteriorate into evil and Esther’s character flourish in goodness.  Well in chapters 5-6 this progression reaches its crescendo.  And as we continue to observe these two characters we will learn more about […]

More valuable than life


As news of the king’s decree of destruction reaches the ears of the Jewish community in Persia they begin to mourn publicly.  Mordecai typifies this response, a response that we will see is a beautiful and genuine act of worship.  And yet when he appeals to Esther for help we see a real wrestle in […]

Know the enemy


As we continue in the story we come to chapter 3 with 5 years having passed since Esther became queen.  It is here that the story teller chooses to pick up the action again because the enemy of the people of God has been promoted to prominence.  This morning we meet Haman and we hear of […]

Our best for the pagans


Living in the western world it isn’t hard to see that society is slipping away from Christian ideals.  This creates confusion for many in the church as we seek to know how to engage with this post-Christian world.  Looking at the way Mordecai and Esther conduct themselves as we meet them in chapter 2 helps […]

Longing for a better king


This morning as we start to journey through the story of Esther we meet the first main character… the leader of the Persian Empire under whose reign Esther and the other Jews were forced to live; King Ahasuerus.  And from the very outset we see that he is a man completely engulfed by his own […]