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The Gospel Forges Bonds


Many of us long for deep, intimate and meaningful friendship. However, we often look to fill this need by finding people with whom we share a common interest. As we look at the stunning level of friendship Paul shared with the Ephesian elders we see that there is something that forms a stronger bond than […]

Gospel saturated leadership


Last week we saw that God’s plan for the church was for elders to be the leading group.  This was because they were the ones who pointed the sheep to their great shepherd Jesus.  This week we see what the life of one of these elders needs to look like and how a church should […]

Community led by the Gospel


Thoughts on church leadership are many and varied.  In our heart of hearts we feel that we should be looking at the New Testament to discover who should lead the church but when we do we can easily get confused.  There we see the unique group of men, the Apostles, leading the church and having […]