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The Chief Goal


The road towards the end of our lives is paved with increasingly uncertain and frustrating moments.  Solomon takes us on that journey as we discover what that journey will mean for us and how we should live in response.

Memento Mori


In most of our life we don’t tend to think about death.  But every now and then we get a chilling reminder that death is not an abstract concept for us humans… it is a very real reality and our very certain destiny.  Now while a sermon of death doesn’t seem that edifying, the fact Ecclesiastes […]

Michael Howell: Cows, corpses and cleansing


God’s gracious provision of an instant sin offering to cure the uncleanness of his people reminds us that in Christ we have one who cleanses us not externally and temporarily, but internally and eternally.  Michael Howell from City North Baptist shares this powerful truth with us.

Good Friday: The Weakness of God


Images of Jesus in our minds are often images of strength, power, and leadership… He is the Son of God after all!  But the gospels actually present of very different image of Jesus… and the Easter weekend confronts us with an incredibly weak, dark, and broken image of Jesus. But it is precisely this image […]

Trustworthy Witnesses


Right throughout this letter we have seen that John has been prosecuting a case against the false teachers who were trying to win the hearts and minds of the people away from Jesus.  Well as we come to the final chapter of the letter John is mounting his closing argument and he calls three witnesses […]

Good Friday: Mockery & Shame


On Good Friday it is pretty common knowledge that Jesus died on the cross, but I wonder how often we remember the manner in which He was punished.  Because Jesus did not just embrace death on Good Friday, but the culmination of everything that is wrong with human hearts.  This Good Friday Pastor Joe examines […]