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The Gospel Won’t be Corrupted


Riding high on a wave of excitement, joy, and gospel zeal the Apostles and the community of Jesus were growing in both number and unity. But as things seem to be going better than ever a new threat would arise that had the potential to derail the whole movement. As Pastor Joe examines this confronting […]

The Essential Church


Last week we saw that God powerfully fulfilled His promise to pour out His Spirit on His people… and 3000 people received the reality of the gospel and repented of their sin and were baptised into Jesus.  Last week we heard that this repentance and baptism was effectively the people rejecting their own pride-filled leadership […]

Community that preaches the gospel to one another


The call to love one another is as old as Christianity itself.  Jesus said that it is how the world will know that we are His disciples.  What what does it really mean for the church to love one another?  As we examine Romans 12 we will see that the kind of community Jesus is […]

Community that makes the gospel visible


Church… It is a concept that can evoke many varied ideas and emotions.  From those who loathe church maybe because of the way they were treated in the past… to those who find joy, life and purpose in the church… to those who just see it as a monument to a bygone era in the […]

Why We Sing


Week by week we come to church and we stand and sing.  It is something we assume will be part of our church experience and therefore it is something we often take for granted.  How regularly do you think about why we sing in church?  Pastor Joe begins this new series and seeks to answer […]