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Waiting for a Leader


The audio recording failed this Sunday. The following is a transcript of the sermon notes: Malachi 2:1-9 We live in a very sensitive society that is becoming more and more sensitive. We have developed into a people with a very strong culture of unspoken social norms of political correctness and doing everything to avoid offending […]

Community that makes the gospel visible


Church… It is a concept that can evoke many varied ideas and emotions.  From those who loathe church maybe because of the way they were treated in the past… to those who find joy, life and purpose in the church… to those who just see it as a monument to a bygone era in the […]

Motivated by His Love


Love is something we talk about, hear about, read about and sing about often in our society.  From the love stories we read to the love songs we hear on the radio to the chick flicks we watch; love is everywhere.  However, with all these contexts for expressing love we still struggle to define exactly […]

Josh Lean: Breaking free from Worry


Severe anxiety, sleeping disorders and depression are all on the rise, not to mention the stresses we all face on a day to day basis. Stress and anxiety seem a natural part of life in the 21st century. In this passage we see that Jesus has a remarkably different desire for his disciples—that they be […]

Christ coloured relationships


Paul has been passionately proclaiming the supremacy of Christ and the amazing magnitude of the salvation we have received from Him.  When chapter 3 began we saw Paul proclaim that this salvation meant that our identity has been completely enveloped by this supreme Jesus… that God sees us as He sees His Son.  This has […]