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Longing for Justice


As Jacob and his family take up residence in the Promised Land tragedy strikes… Jacob’s only daughter Dinah is raped.  As we are confronted with the circumstances of this atrocity and how the various people respond to it, we will be gripped by a desperate need for God to reform our thinking about abuse and […]

Waiting for a Leader


The audio recording failed this Sunday. The following is a transcript of the sermon notes: Malachi 2:1-9 We live in a very sensitive society that is becoming more and more sensitive. We have developed into a people with a very strong culture of unspoken social norms of political correctness and doing everything to avoid offending […]

Longing for a better king


This morning as we start to journey through the story of Esther we meet the first main character… the leader of the Persian Empire under whose reign Esther and the other Jews were forced to live; King Ahasuerus.  And from the very outset we see that he is a man completely engulfed by his own […]