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Josh Mays: The Rich Fool


“The Great Aussie Dream” is wrapped up in hard work, property, financial security, food and life enjoyment. And so when Jesus tells a parable about a farmer who worked hard, reaped the rewards of the work and invested it wisely we might be shocked when Jesus declares this man to be a fool.  Josh Mays […]

Dean Sandham: the future of the church


We are often challenged by the mission that God has sent us out on; the need to make disciples of all nations.  We are likewise inspired by what we see happening in the church right now; conversions, testimonies and solid growth.  But when we go through a season of dryness, and these sources of inspiration are […]

Josh Lean: Breaking free from Worry


Severe anxiety, sleeping disorders and depression are all on the rise, not to mention the stresses we all face on a day to day basis. Stress and anxiety seem a natural part of life in the 21st century. In this passage we see that Jesus has a remarkably different desire for his disciples—that they be […]

Murray Lean: The Heart of Rebellion


We continue in our series in the book of Numbers as Murray Lean from City North Baptist comes and shares with us.  In Numbers 16 we see a man who had become so discontent with his life that he rebelled against his leaders and against his God.  But as we look at his rebellion we […]

Darren Dakers: Fishers of Men


Sometimes the task of reaching our unsaved family and friends with the gospel can seem impossible and it is easy for us to slip into hopeless inaction when it comes to our attempts at sharing Jesus.  This morning guest speaker Darren Dakers from Ashgrove Baptist reminds that Jesus is the God of the impossible and […]

Dave Herron: Psalm 92


Each Sunday in Christian churches across the globe, God’s people gather around His word. They sing songs of praise and encourage one another in Him. Listen as Pastor Dave from City North Baptist Church shares from Psalm 92 about why it is good to praise God in this way and how we can continue to be […]