Sermons by David Evans

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Taking hold of a great salvation


The Preacher has spent a number of chapters showing that Jesus offers a certain salvation and a final purification for sins that the old covenant could never offer. He now summarises this great salvation in two statements of what we have in Jesus: 1. Confidence to approach God because our sin has been cleansed by […]

Jesus: Greater than Moses


As the preacher to the Hebrews has been passionately pleading with his people, we have begun to see that the Jesus he is preaching is far greater than anything that the old structures of Judaism could offer. This week one of our elders, Dave Evans, shows us how Jesus is greater than Moses and everything […]

The Gospel Advances


Up to this point in Acts, the church has remained in Jerusalem. As we reach chapter 8, the gospel begins to advance out of the city into the surrounding areas of Judea and Samaria. The gospel advances by the disruption caused by persecution, among unlikely audiences, and despite the messiness of sinful agendas. Jesus continues […]

Jesus Christ – at one with God


We all feel the brokenness of the world and our lives which results from sin. We try to solve this problem ourselves through religious effort, humanitarian efforts, scientific advancement, and chasing the “good life”. The Bible tell us that these efforts ultimately won’t work. But God has provided salvation for us in his Son, Jesus […]

Ultimate Treasure


The parables of “The Hidden Treasure” and “The Pearl of Great Price” remind us not  only that Jesus is a great treasure worth our giving up everything for, but also of the good news that he first sought and purchased us at great cost to himself. The dire warning of “The Parable of the Net”, […]