What They Never Told You

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They never told you God gives ultimate joy


So many people view the Christian life like they do weight-loss… as a slow and grueling journey of restriction and discomfort based on the premise that if something feels pleasurable or joyful that it probably is sinful and should be avoided.  But this morning we are going to hear a song that David wrote which […]

Easter Sunday: They never told you He conquered our greatest fear


Despite what the surveys say I don’t think that public speaking is the thing we humans fear most… There is something that brings so much fear into our lives that we do anything we can to avoid talking or thinking about it.  Death!  Death is our greatest fear because there is nothing we can do […]

Good Friday: They never told you He chose suffering


We all suffer… and when we go through the most intense times of trial and pain we can very easily feel alone.  We push people away, we dive into depression and we feel that there is no one who understands us and no one who can help us.  This feeling we are alone also extends […]

They never told you what God thinks of hypocrites


To be called a hypocrite is one of the most pointed and cutting accusations in our culture!  It is to be accused of wearing two faces.  The church is no stranger to this accusation, in fact it is one of the most common labelled against Christianity… and not without reason.  Unfortunately many people have suffered […]

They never told you God wants to set you free


“Christianity is an oppressive draconian regime of rules and restrictions!”  This is the impression that so many people have of church.  Maybe through an upbringing in a strict home, an education from a church school or media reports about narrow-minded churches you  have come to this conclusion yourself – why bother with church when it […]