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Tri-Church 2019 #4: Loving one another


After understanding what love isn’t, what love is in Christ and how elders are supposed to lead with love, Mike Westhuyzen (Enoggera) challenges us to see how the story of Jesus frames our love for one another. Tri-Church Summit is a combined ministry of Enoggera Baptist, Grange Baptist and Rosalie Baptist.

Tri-Church 2019 #3: The love of elders for the church


One of the consequences of our flawed understanding of love is that we think we know how others should love us, we think we know what is best for us and so we struggle to submit to others and trust they will love us well. Joe Khan (Rosalie) shows us how God has called elders […]

Tri-Church 2019 #2: The Love of Jesus for the Church


Our love is inadequate… how can we know what it means to love one another? Matt Maloney (Enoggera) leads us to an intimate moment in the ministry of Jesus to see how it is that He loved His disciples (and us) in order that our love might be redeemed. Tri-Church Summit is a combined ministry […]

Tri-Church 2019 #1: What is Love


We have heard the words of Jesus, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” It is easy to think this is Christianity 101, that we have nailed this command… but have we? Luke Jenkin (Grange) challenges our understanding of love. Tri-Church Summit is a combined ministry […]