The Great Uncovering

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Church – The Bad


As Jesus continues to share insights with the churches of Asia we find that there are a group of churches seem to be holding on to the faith, but for some reason Jesus also has found something deeply concerning amongst them.  This week Pastor Joe unpack what Jesus finds concerning in the church and how […]

Church – The Good


It would have been easy for the churches in Asia to feel as though Jesus was distant to their trials and tribulations. But last week we saw that they powerful and fearsome Jesus stood amongst the lampstands of His church. He knew them and He knew their situation. So when He writes to them, He […]

Jesus Uncovered


When it comes to the Book of Revelation it is really easy to get caught up in the crazy images, the numbers and codes, and the visions and characters… but this is to miss the main point. Pastor Joe commences our series in Revelation by unpacking the main point of the book and the greatest […]