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Motivated by the Mission


So far in our journey through 2 Corinthians 5 we have found deep and lasting motivation from two sources.  Firstly the eternal hope of perfection that God has for our future and secondly the lavish love that He has for us right now.  But both of these are things that God has done for us… […]

Motivated by His Love


Love is something we talk about, hear about, read about and sing about often in our society.  From the love stories we read to the love songs we hear on the radio to the chick flicks we watch; love is everywhere.  However, with all these contexts for expressing love we still struggle to define exactly […]

Motivated by Perfection


The call to follow Jesus is a beautiful call… we are welcomed freely into an intimate relationship with God.  But while it is free… it is still costly!  Following Jesus can cause us to walk through times of difficulty, persecution and struggle.  It is easy for us to see this cost and lose our motivation […]