Born to be King

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God of the Outsiders


In each social circle in which we move we can very quickly determine who are the in-crowd and who are the not-so-in-crowd.  The reality is that some people find themselves on the outside fringes of society never really fitting in with the cultural elites of their day.  Maybe you feel like this?  Well if you […]

God is at Work


In the story of Christmas one man is often forgotten about.  We know the shepherd, the wise men, Mary and even the donkey but how often do we think about Joseph?  Joseph is often viewed as Mary’s “plus one” just an added extra to look good in nativity scenes… but this morning we are going […]

Christmas sets us Free


Back at the start of chapter 1 of Luke and that start of our journey to understand the impact of the Christmas story on the lives of people at the time we met an old forgotten priest named Zechariah.  He was depressed and isolated but God grabbed a hold of his life and promised him […]

God of the Impossible


Some people will say that God is pretty irrelevant to their lives.  He might mean something to the guys with white collars and robes sitting in stained-glass churches… but what does God have to do with an average punter like me?  Well as we continue to follow the story of Christmas, trying to look below […]

Christmas Changes Everything


It is easy for us in the church to lament the over commercialization of Christmas!  When we see all the glossy junk mail, shiny marketing and materialism we can feel as though the real meaning of Christmas has been missed.  However, I wonder how much better our understanding of Christmas actually is… aside from “celebrating […]