Everyday we make judgments. Left from right, guilty or not guilty, winner or loser. Even if we aren’t aware of it, we all judge something or someone at some point in our lives. So, it might come as a surprise to find that Jesus commands his disciples not to judge, lest they be judged themselves! What on earth does Jesus mean by setting this standard of living? Is Jesus really telling us that we should never, ever judge anyone or anything? As we investigate Jesus’ command, we will see that when we judge others, our fallen nature drives us to puff up ourselves by bringing others down. And Jesus confronts this hypocrisy head on and radically shifts how we should think about judging by calling his followers to seek the benefit of others rather than puffing themselves up. Instead of Judging others, followers of Jesus should forgive others. Instead of condemning others, followers of Jesus ought to give generously to others. And this is exactly what Jesus did. He Justified the unrighteous, forgave sinners and generously gave himself for people who rejected him through dying on the cross in order that they might be judged righteous before God. So how do we judge? By pointing people to Jesus, the true judge.