There are few phrases that sum up the Australians ethos better than; “she’ll be right”. We love this phrase because above all it communicates that we relaxed and chilled. The problem is, when we think about it, the mantra of “She’ll be right” is nothing more than prolonging the things that we should be doing right now because we presume the future. In his final stanza before signing off, Peter calls us not to live according to the she’ll be right mantra because one day Jesus will return in salvation and judgement. And because of this reality, we should live in preparation and anticipation for this day, living our lives in readiness for the day when Jesus returns. Our future hope of salvation is based on what Jesus has done in the gospel, and both what Jesus has done for us on the cross and what he will do for us in his return is the motivation for us to live Godly lives. The fact that Jesus hasn’t come back yet proves that God is the God who saves, because his patience is salvation.