“Why would you follow Jesus?”

“Why would you bother with that out-of-date, relic of the past religion?”

“How can you even consider embracing that draconian, close-minded system of thinking?”

“Surely we have moved beyond the need for religion… especially Christianity.”

Living in the age that we do, there are plenty of voices that call us to leave behind the concept of Christianity. The more we are saturated with these voices and the more people we know who walk away from Jesus, the less certain we feel about our faith. We would be foolish to assume that the push back from our generation against Christianity will not cause us all to have significant doubts.  But we are not the first generation to feel this tide of doubt and confusion. In fact the book of Hebrews is written to one such generation.

In many ways Hebrews is more of a sermon than a letter… a sermons whereby the preacher passionately pleads with his audience to cling to Jesus in spite of the forceful tide of their generation pulling them away from Him. As we spend the next few months working through this sermon, it is my prayer that we will find in Jesus an anchor for our souls. An anchor that will hold fast against the tide of our doubts and confusion.

Join us from January 29th as we embrace this search for surety.