What if God was radically different from anything you might have heard before?  What if he wasn’t out to brainwash or control you? What if God actually wanted the best for you? What if he wanted you to live with more joy and peace than ever before? Could you believe in a God like that?

Sometimes when I hear people talk about the god they don’t or can’t believe in I want to say “Well I don’t believe in that god either!” This is because I acknowledge that all too often people have received a picture of Jesus that is anything but the truth and sadly they reject Him without ever hearing His real story.

Easter is many things, but at the heart of its message is a vision of God that has the capacity to captivate and change us; to blow the false messages we have heard about Him out of the water.

This Easter we would love to give you the chance to hear the real story of Jesus for yourself at one of the following services:

  • Sunday April 6th – They never told you he sets you free
  • Sunday April 13th – They never told you he hates hypocrisy
  • Good Friday April 18th – They never told you he suffered for you
  • Easter Sunday April 20th – They never told you he drives out fear
  • Sunday April 27th – They never told you he gives ultimate joy

Gatherings open at 9:00am for a 9:30am start!

On Good Friday (18th April) we would love to invite you to share some free hot crossed buns and barista coffee with us on the lawn at the front of the church. 8am for a 9am start!