• Who We Are
  • Partnership
We are a growing community of people of all ages who claim Jesus Christ as Lord and seek to communicate His love, grace & mercy with the Rosalie/Paddington community!

We don’t claim to be perfect; we acknowledge that we are broken people who are in desperate need of a loving God of grace. Therefore we welcome all people from all backgrounds to come and share the blessing of this forgiveness with us.  It does not matter how good or bad you think you are, there is a home for you in our community.  We long to provide a place for people to come and be open and honest about their victories and triumphs, their failures and disappointments; a place where we can see how Jesus answers our greatest needs and informs our greatest hopes.

We are a community that values a pursuit of joy and happiness.  We do not believe that a life of following Jesus is a life of boredom or restraint but a life of exceeding joy and satisfaction.  Since God is the creator of life and has infinite knowledge of who we are, we trust that being at one with Him is the key to everlasting joy.

Ultimately we are a people who are completely assured of our salvation.  Not because of anything good we have done but because of what God has done for us.  Jesus Christ lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died so that we might be set free from sin and given the gift of eternal life!

In August 2012 Rosalie Baptist partnered with City North Baptist in order to revitalise the work of the church in the Paddington/Rosalie community. Both churches sensed God’s leading and overwhelmingly supported the initiative and there was a strong desire from both churches to work together for the sake of the gospel.

Practically what this looked like was the City North church sending one of their pastors (Pastor Joe) and a team of supporters to inject energy, leadership and teaching into the life of the Rosalie church. The goal is to see the Rosalie church flourish to the point where she is able to support a full-time pastor, strong and stable leadership is in place and people from the local community are being won to Christ. Once this goal is a achieved the formal partnership will cease but a strong sisterly relationship will continue between the churches.

There is so much that City North and Rosalie can achieve together for the gospel and already resources and events are being shared between the congregations such as music, conferences, camps and the support of missionaries. It is our prayer that this unity in the gospel will bear great fruit in Rosalie. We long to see the Rosalie church living out what it means to be a passionate gospel community sharing the grace, mercy and truth of Jesus in the inner west of our city.